Engine Drip Pad

Discover the Engine Drip Pad: a 5×5 butterfly-designed oil absorbent solution. Expertly crafted to fit a vehicle’s undercarriage with 6-inch wheel clearance cutouts. It is ideal for various trucks and is easy to install with included S-hooks.


Introducing the Engine Drip Pad: A 5×5 oil absorbent solution innovatively crafted in a butterfly design to combat dripping oil. This pad seamlessly covers the entire vehicle’s undercarriage. With 6-inch cutouts on each side, it accommodates wheel clearance, making it suitable for various types of trucks. Installation is a breeze: simply place the pad on the ground, slide it under the truck, unfold it, and use the provided hooking system to insert it through the pre-cut corner holes. Secure the pad effortlessly to your vehicle.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Start by Turning Off the Engine: Ensure safety by shutting down the vehicle’s engine.
  2. Attach the Hooks/Tie Wires: Insert the hooks, tie wires, or a combination of both into the designated holes on the absorbent pad.
  3. Secure the Pad: Fasten the pad onto the equipment, ensuring it’s held firmly in place.
  4. Post-Use Removal: Once done, detach the pad. Then, store it in the provided resealable bag for reuse or to dispose of properly.

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