Heavy Equipment Pad

The Heavy Equipment Absorbent Pad is your solution for managing inevitable oil and fluid leaks in machinery. Tailored for diverse needs and usable repeatedly up to saturation point, the pad features an innovative hook system for easy installation. Manipulate as needed – flip, turn, or fold – to maximize absorption. Designed for a broad spectrum of heavy equipment and machinery, each pad comes with a resealable bag for hassle-free disposal.


Heavy machinery often demands a variety of oils and fluids for smooth operation. With numerous grease fittings, the occasional drip or leak seems inevitable. However, we offer a solution that challenges this problem!

Discover our Heavy Equipment Absorbent Pad. Choose the design tailored for your needs, and benefit from its reusability. With an innovative hook system and user-friendly installation, you can manipulate the pad in various ways – flip, turn, or even fold – ensuring maximum absorption. Once done, simply pack it into the provided resealable bag for easy disposal.

Suitable for a wide range of heavy equipment and machinery.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Start by Turning Off the Engine: Ensure safety by shutting down the equipment’s engine.
  2. Attach the Hooks: Insert the hooks into the designated holes on the absorbent pad.
  3. Secure the Pad: Fasten the pad onto the equipment, ensuring it’s held firmly in place.
  4. Post-Use Removal: Once done, detach the pad. Then, store it in the provided resealable bag for reuse or to dispose of properly.

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