Our Mission

Our Mission:

Our core mission is “Empowering a cleaner, safer, and environmentally-conscious workplace, one pad at a time.” At Engine Leak Solutions we are devoted to reducing property damage and making a positive impact on our environment.

Who Can Benefit:

Our versatile product range is designed to cater to a diverse customer base and uniquely engineered to meet the needs for a vast variety of industries from supplier and trucks that deliver the product to the heavy equipment on site and the mechanics that keep it all running.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder: Anthony Wetzel

About Anthony:

Hello and welcome! I’m Anthony Wetzel, the founder of Engine Leak Solutions, LLC. Based in Akron, Ohio, our company is laser-focused on delivering specialized oil-absorbent solutions. Our line-up features innovative, patent-pending products that aim to resolve long-standing oil leak issues in multiple industries.

Career Journey:

My professional path began in 1996 with the acquisition of my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). In the following years, I accumulated diverse experience, spanning from the food industry to two decades in construction. My roles have included operating heavy machinery and contributing to the development of critical infrastructure like bridges and highways.

Identifying the Challenge:

During my stint as a cement mixer driver, I continually observed a recurring dilemma: oil leaks from trucks and heavy machinery were staining new concrete and contaminating the ground. These incidents often resulted in work stoppages and incurred hefty fines, cleanup costs, and repairs.

The Turning Point:

This recurring issue sparked my “Aha” moment. Armed with insights from an Inventor’s Handbook I bought back in 2006, I dove deep into research. I attended inventor-focused seminars and started to sketch out potential solutions. After realizing the market lacked effective solutions, I redoubled my efforts to develop something game changing.

Our Innovative Solution:

I am pleased to introduce the Engine Drip Pad and Heavy Equipment Pads.

Thank you for considering Engine Leak Solutions as your go-to solution for oil absorbent products. We are excited to contribute to a cleaner, safer world!

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