Drip Mat with Absorbent Pad

Efficiently protect your shop floors and workspace from spills and scratches with our 6-pound, slip-resistant Double Drum Drip Mat. It’s ideal for all floor types and comes with an absorbent pad and easy-storage velcro strap. Durable and practical for any workspace.


Engine Leak Solutions introduces the double drum Drip Mat! It is 50″ x 25″ and is finished with vinyl plastic runners for stability, and the logo is applied using ultra-durable rubberized flex paint. The Drip Mat is perfect for various shops, including wood, concrete, finished floors, or other workspaces—no more scratches, rust rings, or messy over spillage. Our 6-pound Drip Mat features durable slip-resistant diamond plate rubber. Engineered for resilience and performance, our mats are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The Drip Mat is ideal for a single or double drum. It includes a complimentary oil-absorbent pad and a velcro strap for easy storage.

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